English Language Learners' Annual Progress

Community-wide Indicator Dashboard

In 2010, community leaders entrusted us with the responsibility to build a better system of collaboration for Multnomah County‚Äôs children and youth from cradle to career. One of the early pieces of work was establishing Community-wide Indicators to keep us focused on the big picture and accountable to one another. On this page, you can take a a deeper look at each one of these Community-wide Indicators–and dig into disaggregations by school district, race, ethnicity and other demographic factors.

Please note that some disaggregations might be omitted due to small population sizes or data unavailability. If you have any questions, please email Angel Gutierrez, Manager, Data & Partnerships at angel@allhandsraised.org.

English Language Learners' Annual Progress

Percent of K-12 English language learners advancing one level in English language proficiency

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