Kindergarten Transition School Community Sites

In the current school year, the Partnership is working to find those practices that lead to an improved transition into preschool with three teams of preschool and K-12 educators-with a focus on building relationships in new ways that lead to better outcomes. The work All Hands Raised is doing on the ground work, including much of the work done at the sites below, is enhanced by the advocacy and alignment provided by the Kindergarten Transition Leadership Group.

Boise-Eliot/Humboldt PK-8 (BEH) in partnership with Albina Head Start

Latoya Brown, SUN Community School Site Manager (Self Enhancement, Inc.)

Carole Carmichael, Social Service Coordinator (Albina Head Start)

Darcell Dance, Mental Health Consultant (Albina Head Start/Multnomah County)

Rolonda Johnson, Teacher (Albina Head Start)

John Meskimen, Teacher

Kaveh Pakseresht, Assistant Principal

Karissa Palmer, Education Coordinator (Albina Head Start)

Click here to read more about this partnership from Ronnie Herdon, Executive Director of Albina Head Start.

Davis Elementary School in partnership with Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) Head Start

Amy Alterman, Kindergarten Teacher

Christina Anderson, Restorative Justice Coordinator

Ashley Furlong, Principal

Melissa Hendricks, Family Engagement Specialist (MHCC Head Start)

Rhiannon Martin, Director (MHCC Head Start)Edith Schmidt, Kindergarten Teacher

Amaury Sarmiento, Asst. Department Administrator (Kaiser Permenente)

Edith Schmidt, Kindergarten Teacher

Cynthia Smith, Associate Director (MHCC Head Start)

Jennifer Synder, Kindergarten Teacher

Blakely Thomas, Teacher (MHCC Head Start)

North Gresham Elementary School in partnership with Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) Head Start

Kammy Breyer, Kindergarten Teacher

Sania Chavarria, ELL Teacher

Tracy Klinger, Principal

Nicole Navlet,  SUN Site Manager (Metropolitan Family Service)

Quynh Nguyen, MHCCHS ESM (Gresham United)

April Olson, Director of Federal Programs (Gresham Barlow School District)

Amaury Sarmiento, Asst. Department Administrator (Kaiser Permenente)

Kelly Sexton, Kindergarten Teacher

Kelsey Steers, Special Education Teacher

Click here to learn more about the kindergarten transition work.

Updated  11/08/2018