Our staff works hard to ensure that we deliver on our mission to help all kids achieve their full potential from cradle to career.

Dan Ryan, Chief Executive Officer

David Bunnell, Accounting Manager

Jon Brandt, Database Coordinator

Tessa Franzese, Communication and Community Engagement Coordinator

Brooke Gardner, Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

Kira Higgs, Director, Continuous Improvement

Tanja Lux, Chief Operating Officer

Jillian Lynch, Guest Relations and Office Coordinator

Thuy Phan, Stewardship & Event Manager

Jeanie-Marie Price, Vice President, Communication

Helen Scalise, Manager, Data & Partnerships

Rosemary Schwimmer, Manager, Parent and School Engagement

Kellie Torres, Vice President, Strategic Planning

Nate Waas Shull, Vice President, Partnerships