Post-Secondary Access School Community Sites

Moving into the 2017-18 school year, we plan to expand on the FAFSA/ORSAA work to include other factors that impact the high school and post-secondary transition. We are currently working with 8 school community sites to improve access to post-secondary outcomes, and we bring all of these teams together two-to-three times a year to share cross-site learnings to strengthen the work through collaboration. All Hands Raised’s on the ground work, including much of the work done at the sites below, is enhanced by the advocacy and alignment provided by the Post-Secondary Access Strategic Leadership Group.


Alliance High School @ Meek

Mark Bond, College & Career Coordinator

Jose Esparza, Recruitment Coordinator (PCC Future Connect)

Lorna Fast Buffalo Horse, Principal

Geoffrey Garner, Alternative Pathways Program Manager (Multnomah Education Service District)

Luke Saporito, Counselor

Lori Thompson, College Transition Advocate


Centennial High School

Sharon Juenemann, Director, TRiO College First (Mt. Hood Community College)

Katie Lauderdale, SUN Community School Site Manager (Impact NW)

Sally Menolascina, Counselor

Ben Petersen, Teacher

Hailey Roberge, SUN Coordinator (Impact NW)

Mairi Scott-Aguirre, Principal

Laura Scully, Assistant Principal


David Douglas High School

Shawna Myers, Counselor

Linda Vancil, Assistant Principal


Franklin High School

Destiny Bucasas, Aspire Coordinator (Impact NW)

Raquel Laiz, College and Career Center

Charles McKinney, Student Support Specialist

Quan Nguyen, Upward Bound (Portland State University)

Juanita Valder, Principal

Holly Vaughn-Edmonds, Counselor

Anna York, Teacher/ Talented and Gifted Coordinator


Gresham High School

Kealani Balfour, College Now Coordinator (Mt. Hood Community College)

Casey Block, Program Coordinator (College Possible)

Danelle Heikkila, Assistant Principal

Theresa Jahangir, Counselor

Sharon Juenemann, Director, TRiO College First (Mt. Hood Community College)

Anne Le, SUN Site Manager (Metropolitan Family Service)

Kendra Maddox, College and Career Center

Roseann Rivera, Advisor, TRiO College First (Mt. Hood Community College)

Jule Rowell, ELL Teacher

Solen Wilebski, Family and Community Liaison


Madison High School

Petra Callin, Principal

Jose Esparza, Recruitment Coordinator (PCC Future Connect)

Alex Gonzalez, Oregon Scholar Advisor (ECMC)

Malaina Guzman, Counselor

Erin Hale, Counselor

Raquel Laiz, Career Coordinator (Franklin High School)

Jerardo Marquez, Counselor

Kelly Shelton, Counselor

Holly Vaughn-Edmonds, Counselor (Franklin High School)


Roosevelt High School

Laurel Auda-Capel, Counselor

Kelsey Green, Counselor

Filip Hristic, Principal

Adam Kennybrew, Counselor

Michael Lee, College and Career Coordinator

Jennifer Reeves-Eishbach, Counselor

Jennifer Satalino, Director (The College Place)

Elsa Tellez-Gomez, Counselor


Sam Barlow High School

Erin Boelow, Head Counselor

Neil Collins, P.E. Teacher

Louisa Kinder, Counseling Intern

Patty Neuenshwander, College & Career Coordinator

Bruce Schmidt, Principal


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