Racial Educational Equity School Community Sites

In the 2017-18 school year, All Hands Raised is working with five school teams to ask hard questions, challenge biases and use data to develop proactive alternatives to keep all students in the classroom, learning and engaged. And, we bring all of these teams together two-to-three times a year to share cross-site learnings to strengthen the work through collaboration. All Hands Raised’s on the ground work, including much of the work done at the sites below, is enhanced by the advocacy and alignment provided by the Racial Educational Equity Strategic Leadership Group.


Centennial Middle School

Troy Gales, District Behavior Specialist

Rise’ Hawley, Principal

Graham Hughes, Dean of Students

Sonia Nelson, Assistant Principal

Chris O’Connor, Counselor

Addie Reamer, Teacher

George Ward, Teacher


Hall Elementary School

Steffany Avila, SUN Community School Site Manager (El Programa Hispano Católico)

Shannon Foxley, Counselor

Tara Kerwin, Teacher

Heidi Lasher, Principal

Eric Turner, Teacher

Kristin Wilson, District Coordinator, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports


Lincoln Park Elementary School

Amy Boothby, Student Behavior Specialist

Becki Chase, Principal

Simon Crane, Teacher

Chau Huynh, Parent & Family Engagement Specialist (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization)

Theresa Muller, Teacher

Hannah Snyder, Counselor

Lester Womack, Student Behavior Specialist


Prescott Elementary School

This school team is currently in development


Reynolds Middle School

Alyson Drain, Teacher

Lonnie Jackson, Diversity and Student Support

Jill Sawyer, Teacher

Adam Swientek, Assistant Principal

Stacy Talus, Principal


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