The Partnership

Learning doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. Transforming children into educated, independent adults is the job of the entire community. The All Hands Raise Partnership gathers Multnomah County’s diverse efforts and harnesses them to support kids before, during and after school—from cradle to career.

We synchronize the community’s collective actions and guide them toward  measurable, meaningful results. A set of indicators drive this work, and they help us stay focused. We use data to measure each Indicator and to help ensure each program is doing the most to help kids. When you have measurable standards, you can find new ways to get better.  In other words, we help rally the community together to change practices, expectations and behaviors for the better. We collectively answer the question, “How can we improve?” to ensure long-term success for our kids.

These publications and videos help bring to light how our work has progressed since we were entrusted with adapting a local cradle to career framework in November of 2010.

Chapter 02 (Winter 2015)

The Voices of Our Youth (Winter 2014)

Chapter 01 (Summer 2013)

Together we Hold The Key (Winter 2013)

This is All Hands Raised (Winter 2012)