Our Leadership

We have methodically built and maintained a governance structure to sustain the momentum of this long-range work. Key leaders who were at the table from the beginning—remain at the table. The groups below ensure we stay focused on a data-driven approach that puts the success of our community’s kids at the center.

Board of Directors: The All Hands Raised Board of Directors currently includes 24 members, 50% of whom represent communities of color. The mission of the Board is to clearly and concisely define the mission, direction, goals, objectives and operations of All Hands Raised while maintaining the organization’s acute focus on racial equity.

Leadership Council: The All Hands Raised Leadership Council engages in action and dialogue, and champions the work of the Partnership throughout our community.

Engaged Community: A foundation of trust and transparency creates the space for complex and emotionally charged conversations with our partners on the ground. And a sense of shared accountability binds us together. We are deeply grateful for our partners’ curiosity, courage and willingness to fail. All this is made stronger through deep collaboration with our national partner, StriveTogether. They are invaluable as we bring a greater sense of focus to our local community.