Our Leadership

The Partnership is rooted in collaboration and community involvement.

We are focused on ensuring that the community’s collective efforts are aligned to make positive change for kids. There are a lot of key players—local businesses, government, non-profit organizations, the faith community, parents and community stakeholders—who wrap around our schools and familieis to reinforce collective action, measurable results, continuous improvement and shared accountability.

These are the groups that make up the Partnership structure and a full list of names can be found here.

BOARD: Provides clear, long-term vision for the Partnership to manage and sustain the efforts of the community and the backbone organization.

LEADERSHIP COUNCIL: Maintains action-oriented, cross-sector dialogue and champions the work in the community and within members’ own organizations.

STEERING COMMITTEE: Ensures strategic implementation of the work on the ground through consistent review, guidance and oversight.

COLLABORATIVE ACTION TEAMS: Mobilize the collective action of a wide set of partners to drive measurable improvement in specific student outcomes.