Ninth Grade Transition

Helping Ninth-Graders Stay on Track

More than one-quarter of local students do not graduate from high school on time. Our research shows that students who complete ninth grade with six or more credits are four times more likely to graduate. As such, disparities in ninth grade credit attainment clearly foreshadow disparities in graduation rates.

Through the Ninth Grade Counts partnership, schools and community partners have collaborated to help students start high school strong. Their focus is on the critical transition from eighth to ninth grade.


Key Impacts

  • In 2015, 96% of participating students received elective credit, allowing them to start high school a step closer to graduation.
  • Since 2009, Academic Priority students who participated in a summer ninth-grade program completed 6+ credits at the end of ninth grade at a 3–10% higher rate than their peers who did
    not complete a summer transition program.
  • Countywide, we’ve seen a 7.2 percentage point increase in the rate of students earning six credits in ninth grade from 2010 to 2016, contributing to a 16.9 percentage point increase in the on-time graduation rate over the same period.


Partner Programs