Chapter 03

Chapter 03 highlights All Hands Raised’s innovative work on the ground with school and community partner site teams. This work is illuminated in this mini documentary that shines a light on the partnership with one partner site, Reynolds Middle School, and their eighth-grade student, Corey.

Ch 03 also tells the story of our work with school partner sites to find those practices that most directly lead to improved outcomes, and helps explain the unique role of All Hands Raised as the organization in the community that:

  1. Listens to educators and service providers to give system leaders and investors insights that allow them to align resources to support what works,
  2. Breaks data logjams and builds capability among our schools and partners to use data to improve
  3. Works with culturally specific partners to develop relevant solutions and uses data to highlight gaps and accelerate progress to eliminate racial disparities, and
  4. Aligns leaders and practitioners with a relentless focus on putting innovation into action.

While there is no single person, program or organization that can guarantee a child’s success, through collective action and shared accountability we are creating amazing new opportunities for our kids every day.

You can dig deeper into the story and the data on the 12 Community-wide Indicators that provide the foundation for this work here.

Click here to access a PDF of Chapter-03 here and the companion overview here, or email to request printed copies.

On pages 22 and 28, the average county-wide percent of students who met or exceeded eighth grade math standards should read 44.1% (2014-15) and 45.7% (2015-16); they were incorrectly listed as 45.9% and 45.5%, respectively. Data for all sub-groups is correct.