Pathways to Construction & Manufacturing

Forging Pathways from Schools to Careers

30,000+ construction and manufacturing jobs will be added in the Portland region over the next 10 years, along with unprecedented levels of retirements. Yet our career-technical education programs have not recovered from past cuts or fully aligned with the current needs of local industries.

We are currently working with Reynolds and Centennial high schools to build smooth and accessible pathways to careers in construction and manufacturing; strengthen their career-technical offerings; and improve their handoffs to post-secondary career training programs. Our focus is two-fold: we are building effective teams at our partner high school communities around common goals, measures and improvement strategies; and we are implementing a community-wide awareness campaign to address stigmas related to these careers head-on – affirming that the trades represent honorable, high-demand and well-paying careers.


Key Impacts

  • Reynolds High School increased enrollment in advanced manufacturing and construction courses by 20% in one year of focused work. The team is now building community college and apprenticeship pathways that keep students on track to careers.
  • Centennial High School dramatically accelerated the number of high school students earning community-college level credit in metals manufacturing, growing from two to 29 students in one year – effectively giving students a jump-start on their post-secondary career training.
  • To overcome stigmas attached to careers in the trades – particularly among K-12 educators – All Hands Raised has connected 200 teachers, counselors and school leaders with hands-on immersion at construction and manufacturing industry sites across the region through our Industry for a Day event


School Community Sites

Currently, All Hands Raised is working on the ground with the school community sites below. In the near future, we will expand our on-the-ground work from two to six high school community sites. Click here or on the image to learn more about these teams.



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