Pathways to Construction & Manufacturing

Forging Pathways from Schools to Careers

More than 30,000 construction and manufacturing jobs will be added in the Portland region over the next 10 years, along with unprecedented levels of retirements. The local talent pipeline is not prepared to meet the demand for these living-wage jobs. Our career-technical education programs have not recovered from past cuts or fully aligned with the current needs of local industries. And while these pathways lead directly to higher graduation rates, too few students are currently accessing them.

We are working with two school teams to strengthen their career-technical offerings, increase participation and improve their handoffs to post-secondary training programs—ensuring that more students enter these careers. And we’re collaborating with partners from across the county to address the stigma attached to these careers by providing hands-on industry exposure for local educators.


Key Impacts

  • Our partner high schools, Centennial and Reynolds, both measurably increased the number of students accessing career-technical classes. Centennial went from 2 students completing dual credit (college-level) courses to 29 – a 1,350% increase, and Reynolds saw an overall 71% increase in students taking advanced Construction & Manufacturing courses.
  • We’ve harnessed the power of data to provoke hard questions and inspire action. Through a unique snapshot of 2015–16 career-technical education data, we revealed that 3,400 local high school students had participated in construction or manufacturing programs—yet only 250 students ultimately completed the program.
  • Through the second annual “Industry for a Day,” an immersion experience for local educators, we measurably decreased stigma attached to these jobs and helped more adults in our schools become informed advocates for these career pathways – this year’s event saw an increase from 2 to 16 industry sites and an increase from 50 to 150 educators attending.


School Community Sites

Currently, All Hands Raised is working on the ground with the school community sites below. Click here or on the image to learn more about these teams.


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