Our Work

With an acute focus on racial equity, All Hands Raised brings together practitioners and leaders from education, business, government and non-profits to ensure the success of every child
in Multnomah County, from cradle to career.

To do this, All Hands Raised provides the framework, coaching and tools that empower schools and organizations to improve educational outcomes for more than 220,000 children and youth,
ages 0–24.


System Change

We use Community-wide Indicators that span kids’ development from birth to career to track the big picture and anchor our efforts. Each flag represents a focused body of work where we’ve joined with partners to measure impact, improve practices and eliminate racial inequities:

Racial Educational Equity
Kindergarten Transition
K-12 Attendance
Ninth Grade Transition
Post-Secondary Access
Pathways to Construction & Manufacturing

And we remain true to our roots, stewarding parent-led fundraising in Portland Public Schools and managing the PPS Parent Equity Fund.


Click here for a deeper dive into data for each of our indicators.