Improving K-12 Attendance

Missing school means missing learning, and the more a student misses the further behind they fall until, too often, they disconnect from school.

In Multnomah County, one-in-five students is “chronically absent,” missing more than ten percent of school days. When students are chronically absent, it often signals unstable health, housing and family conditions.

As such, it requires a multi-faceted response. Through groundbreaking partnerships with Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN), the Oregon Department of Human Services, Multnomah County, Oregon Campus Compact and our school districts, cross-sector teams are regularly convening at partner schools to build tailored intervention plans to re-engage students as soon as their attendance starts to slip.

With technical assistance from All Hands Raised, Six Senior Attendance Response Teams are analyzing data weekly to pinpoint the practices that are making a difference in keeping kids in school. In the current school year these practices have included building effective teams, positive and attendance-focused calls home, daily and weekly incentive programs, and more. View a list of current partners.

To see our six sites in action, check out this photo album of the shared learnings and progress updates at our cross-site meetings.

Critical funding for this work is provided by:

Wells Fargo