Building Stronger Pathways to Construction & Manufacturing Careers

Our region is expecting major growth in well-paying careers in the trades and skilled labor, yet too often these pathways are overlooked and stigmatized.

We recently convened a cross-sector taskforce to launch a coordinated effort to increase the number of local high school students moving into careers in manufacturing and construction. The taskforce identified two high-leverage strategies:

First, partners are launching a targeted effort to increase awareness and positive perceptions of construction and manufacturing careers among high school counselors, teachers and school leaders. To that end, on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, All Hands Raised and Worksystems, Inc. invited principals, counselors and other school district leaders to a hands-on immersive tour of the Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute as well as the Leatherman manufacturing facility in order to equip educators with the tools and information needed to help students understand the high-skilled, family-wage careers available in construction and manufacturing. For more information about Industry for a Day, click here.

And second, partners will begin to scale what’s working by identifying the programs that have demonstrated success in connecting students to career pathways and ask the question, “Why are they working, and which practices in particular are making the difference?”

Thank you to the following for their critical funding for this work. A current list of engaged partners can be found here.

JPMorgan Chase