Ensuring Racial Educational Equity

In partnership with the Coalition of Communities of Color, we bring together our six partner superintendents with leaders from six culturally-specific organizations to increase racial equity for our school-aged children.

The group has a specific focus on addressing the disproportionate impact of suspensions and expulsions among students of color. A foundation of trust and transparency creates the space for conversations that can be difficult, complex and emotionally charged. A sense of shared accountability for improving student outcomes binds the group together. In that spirit, superintendents regularly share their school districts’ updated discipline data to identify racial disparities as soon as they emerge and shine a light on practices that are working. Multiple efforts across the community have contributed to significant progress on this issue in recent years: reducing expulsions, keeping our students in school, and deepening engagement between students, their families, educators and community partners.

In the 2016/17 school year, All Hands Raised will begin providing site-level coaching and facilitation, technical assistance in data collection and analysis and learning opportunities through cross-site meetings to six schools, one in each partner district. The goal of this shared work is to determine those practices that most effectively lower rates of discipline, especially for students of color.