Our Partners

As an African proverb states, if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

The All Hands Raised Partnership has established seven areas of focused work to go far, together, in support of our kids. Teams in each of these work areas bring together the strength and resources of dozens of partners to transform student outcomes in measurable and lasting ways. They start by clearly defining the specific problem they aim to address. Next, they consider the best practices available to address it. Then they commit to a specific goal and design strategies to address the problem head-on. By using continuous improvement tools to analyze data, the teams focus on what is working and make course corrections if they are falling short.

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Our Current Work Areas:

Ensuring Racial Educational Equity

Strengthening the Kindergarten Transition

Improving K-12 Attendance

Stewarding Portland Public Schools (PPS) Foundation & PPSF Equity Fund

Strengthening the Ninth Grade Transition

Supporting Access to College & Financial Aid

Building Stronger Pathways to Construction & Manufacturing Careers