Community Data

Transforming children into educated, independent grown-ups is the job of the entire community.

Who, exactly, is the community? All of us. You are. We are.

To succeed, we have to use data in creative ways. All Hands Raised is the only organization empowered by the community to gather and evaluate the information that shows how our kids are doing from cradle to career.

Our Partnership Council adopted this set of indicators to measure the outcomes that affect kids’ likelihood to thrive. These Community-Wide Indicators provide focus and illustrate where progress is being made—as well as where it has stalled. Our commitment is to share responsibility for improving these outcomes for all students, with a focus on those we have consistently failed.

The charts in our interactive data dashboard linked below show data disaggregated by race and individual school districts for each indicator, helping us to see what is improving and what is not—and for whom. When you review and process this data, we encourage you to not simply see it as a graph on the page, but to try to envision the children in our community whose lived experience is reflected here. Consider their potential and what we, as adults, can make possible for them—and then commit to action that will make their lives better and the fabric of our community stronger.


Community-Wide Indicators


“We all share a responsibility for moving these indicators, and making progress requires adults working together in new ways. This is the beauty of this Partnership; we connect strangers who
common sense says should work together. All Hands Raised connects taxpayer funded community assets: this is efficiency, this means improved results for our kids that the silos can’t produce by themselves and this is good government!”

– John Tapogna, President, ECONorthwest