Transforming children into educated, independent grown-ups is the job of the entire community.

Who, exactly, is the community? All of us. You are. We are.

The All Hands Raised Partnership represents a tapestry of community engagement at all levels and by all sectors. Bound together by a shared sense of urgency and accountability, we are making progress for our kids. We are deeply grateful to all of our partners for their willingness to think bold, take risks and collaborate in new ways and with new partners – to create lasting change for our kids.

In 2010, local leaders directed a change to how the community was approaching education outcomes, looked to the national StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network for inspiration, and empowered All Hands Raised to localize the model. With input and insight from all sectors of the community—and a lot of trial and error—something new, different and shared by the community was built.


How does it work?

All Hands Raised works on the ground with School Community Site Teams, where – as a team – we extract and evaluate current student data in seven key work areas to understand what’s happening in school communities, identify potential root causes, and develop, implement and measure targeted strategies that make a positive impact for students.

Successes and failures are then shared with the entire school, across other school districts through Cross-District Learning Communities and throughout the wider community. Key findings and themes are identified with the help of Work Area Leadership Groups, and are shared with community leaders who can influence budget and policy to create lasting change through our Board of Directors and our Partnership Council.

And then we start back at the beginning and continue the process, allowing real innovation to emerge. Our community is faced with complex, local problems – and the only solution is to create complex, local solutions together. All of us must keep our hands up, stay at the table, and work in new ways to find these solutions.


“When teachers have the time to learn from each other, it shows up in the classroom and impacts students in positive ways. All Hands Raised brings educators together in meaningful ways, providing opportunities for them to collaborate with teachers from other Multnomah County school districts and partners—at no cost to the districts. All Hands Raised is a key partner as we strive to increase student achievement, graduation rates, eliminate barriers and expand pathways for students beyond high school.”

– Paul Coakley, Superintendent, Centennial School District