Neighborhood Builders Award

Bank of America Announces All Hands Raised as Recipient of Annual Neighborhood Builders Award–Funds to  Strengthen Pathways to Construction & Manufacturing for Local High School Students

Over the next 10 years, 30,000+ construction and manufacturing jobs will be added to our region, coupled unprecedented levels of retirement our community does not currently have the local pipeline to fill these living wage jobs.

With this significant award from Bank of America, All Hands Raised will focus on: ensuring our high school students are aware of the opportunities that exist in the trades, connecting high schools, community colleges and the trades to one another more intentionally, and increasing awareness of these high wage jobs. This will also enable us to expand our work from two to six area high schools—partnering with teachers, counselors, industry, community partners and others to rebuild pathways to careers in the trades.

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Special thanks to the Pacific Northwest Carpenter’s Institute for its support in the creation of this spot.