Chapter 01 Released

Posted on June 27, 2013 in Press Releases

Summer is a time when gaps often widen for our students–a challenge that All Hands Raised has focused on for the better part of a decade. This week, as we celebrate the official start of summer, we are proud to release Chapter 01, which highlights the dynamic work happening throughout the All Hands Raised Partnership, along with baseline data and targets for each of our prioritized Indicators. In addition, more robust data on the All Hands Raised Indicators are available here.

We are focused on synchronizing the community to help partners from all sectors of Multnomah County work in concert to ensure our kids’ success from cradle to career – both inside and outside of school. The Partnership has garnered significant statewide and national attention because of our unwavering focus on equity, measurable outcomes, continuous improvement and a vast relationship-based network of cross-sector leaders and practitioners.

Welcome to Chapter 01 of this journey. We look forward to writing future chapters of this work together.