December 2011 All Hands Raised Update from CEO, Dan Ryan

Posted on December 15, 2011 in CEO Updates

Dear Friends –

It was just a year ago that All Hands Raised (formerly the Portland Schools Foundation) was endorsed by six superintendents and other community leaders to manage the Cradle to Career partnership for Portland and Multnomah County. Since that time we have accomplished so much together: we established a governance infrastructure (Council, Steering Committee, and Data Team) quadrupling the volunteer engagement of this organization; we solidified the five goals; and we selected three priorities and developed common language to focus our work. As we move into the New Year, we will deepen and broaden our engagement with the community by establishing initial collaboratives, focus and strengthen the indicators, and develop the targets we want to meet for our kids and for our community.

Most pressing as we enter the New Year is the establishment of collaboratives. In October more than 200 individuals from throughout this community attended a workshop to have rich and vibrant discussions about collaboratives, their role in this work, their structure and how individuals and organizations can contribute to their success. These workshops provided insight and built vital connections. A FAQ on collaboratives captures much of the dialogue from the workshops. Chief among the questions we discussed was the timeline for establishment of collaboratives. While the Council will approve initial collaboratives at its January 17, 2012 meeting, organizations can submit a RFQ for the establishment of a collaborative at any time. Those will be reviewed by the Steering Committee on a rolling basis, carried forward to the Council for approval and ultimately adopted by the Board of All Hands Raised.

The Data Team is meeting regularly and analyzing the 2010 Report, published last November by Portland State University, to focus and strengthen the indicators that guide our work. The Data Team’s current work includes the careful examination of the indicators and the narrowing of the more than 40 indicators to approximately 10 indicators for recommendation to the Council at its April meeting. A more streamlined set of indicators will allow us to focus deeply at key points along the C2C continuum.

As we reflect on 2011, I am reminded about how much we have accomplished together over the past year and how grateful my team and I are to work with each of you. Our shared commitment to transform the way our community works together to serve its children and youth is inspiring.

Wishing you and your families a joyful holiday season.

Sincerely, Dan Ryan

Upcoming Dates:

January 17 – Council Meeting: Initial Collaboratives Established (7:30 a.m., Northwest Evaluation Association, 121 NW Everett St. Portland, OR, 97209)

February 29 – 17th Annual Portland Roast Festival (5:30 p.m., Rose Garden Arena)

April 17 – Council Meeting: Final Indicators Established (7:30 a.m., Northwest Evaluation Association, 121 NW Everett St. Portland, OR, 97209)