Inspiring Work from Local Communities Across the Country

Posted on October 10, 2018 in CEO Updates

Hello All Hands Raised Partnership Community,

I hope you are well on this autumn day. Eight years ago this community came together and said, “enough fits and starts that come with inevitable leadership changes. Also, let’s stop the fanfare and exhaustion over silver bullets that sound good and yet never land. Time for a steadfast methodical initiative that supports innovation from those who work on the ground. Time for leaders to listen before demanding and for the community to truly own the impacts on students and their families.”

Together, we established indicators and promoted transparency. We focused on priorities and built school community teams. We consistently adapted as we learned. Twenty-plus superintendents, and multiple mayors and county chairs later we are stronger than we ever imagined. Together, as a countywide network, we have led the state in improving graduation rates and post-secondary access in those communities we have always failed. Equity is not a platitude, it is action for justice and the long-term economic plan. Together we are getting results.

As All Hands Raised prepares to gather this week with peers from 70 cradle to career sites from across the nation who make up the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, we are most grateful to all of you for believing in this long-term shared work.

Please read this New York Times piece by David Brooks, which shines a light on the unique and powerful ways cradle to career communities are making a difference. It is inspiring that this messy work connects us. Spartanburg can be Portland.

Thank you for being part of this steady, focused and kind movement.

Sincerely,Dan Ryan
CEO, All Hands Raised