Our Kids' Success Depends on Adults Who Care

Posted on December 14, 2017 in CEO Updates

Dear Friends,

Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to spend the morning at Benson High School with Principal Curtis Wilson for our 17th annual Principal for Almost a Day or “PFAD.” This was my third PFAD and, just like the two before, this experience was both eye-opening and inspiring. One thing became clear to me that morning as I walked the
hallways of Benson, visited classrooms, and sat with Mr. Wilson to hear about some of the challenges he’s tackling—our kids’ success depends on adults who care.

Adults who care are integral to making education work for our kids and for our collective future. As Board Chair of All Hands Raised I have a unique vantage point from which to see the struggles facing our kids—and how just one caring adult can change the trajectory of a child. Regardless of whether or not we have children or grandchildren in our schools, we must create a stronger community of support. There is a cost to our kids if we don’t hold ourselves accountable to fulfilling this role to the best of our ability—every day.

I also see first-hand how so many adults are working hard—from teachers to counselors, from business leaders to nonprofit partners, to principals and parents—to ensure the success of our children, youth, and young adults. The All Hands Raised Partnership plays a critical role in connecting all of these caring and accountable adults to improve and sustain educational outcomes from birth through career.

Adults like:

Diane Bowlby
Teacher, Reynolds Middle School
“I see first-hand how kids struggle, far too often because of circumstances out of their control. With the help of All Hands Raised, teachers like me are able to identify the barriers and work across the school community to support the success of our students.”

Lavert Robertson
Principal, George Middle School
All Hands Raised has helped our team create the space to think more deeply about the issues beyond just our George Middle School building and into the North Portland community. We are implementing practices to improve attendance and discipline referrals especially from our populations we have failed, our kids of color.”

Karis Stoudamire-Phillips
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Moda Health
“For more than a decade All Hands Raised has connected me to a school in our community through Principal for Almost a Day. This year, what I experienced at Alice Ott Middle School was real respect between students and teachers. It was clear that students felt like they could talk to their teachers and to their principals. Alice Ott is a culturally and ethnically diverse school—a true representation of the changing face of Portland. And as an African-American woman, seeing so many kids of color was affirming—our students need to see adults that look like them in their school buildings and it’s on us as adults to ensure that we are in our schools, engaging with our kids.”

I know that you, too, are one of the many adults in our community who cares about our kids and how important it is that each and every one has what he or she needs to reach his or her full potential.

I ask that you join me in providing financial support to All Hands Raised to ensure we are able to continue building a successful support network for all of our children and their families. As an adult who cares, your engagement and support of our kids impacts their future and the future of our whole community.

This year, your financial support is made stronger by a one-to-one match from the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust. Let’s all raise our hand in support of our kids and, together, continue to make an impact.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Trever Cartwright
Board Chair,
All Hands Raised

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