Portland Public Schools Foundation End of Year Update

Posted on June 19, 2012 in PPS Foundation Updates

Dear Friends –

It is hard to believe that we find ourselves at the end of another school year. Once again many of you played a role in filling the gaps that exist in our schools. It was in this last school year that we unveiled our new long-term work and our new name-All Hands Raised-and recommitted ourselves to the important partnership we have with the PPS parent community and the PPS schools through the Portland Public Schools Foundation.

Consistent with the roots of this organization (formed in 1994), this year we have seen tremendous growth in the work of PPS parents to raise the necessary funds to support our schools. While we wish that these funds were not the burden of parents to raise, we are continuously inspired by the impact of your tireless work that makes a real difference in our schools and in the lives of PPS school children. This year:

  • It is projected that the number of donations to affiliate Local School Foundations has grown by 20-percent.
  • Because of parent investments, more PPS Equity Grants were awarded to schools for 2012-13. $965,000 was awarded to 43 schools, an increase over last year’s $845,000 awarded to 39 schools.
  • Three schools (Atkinson, Chief Joseph, and Metropolitan Learning Center) have begun the process to establish a Local School Foundation, joining 39 already active Local School Foundations.
  • Over 70 PPS schools are supported by the funds contributed by Local School Foundations, and principals are using these funds to support teaching and staff positions, as well as their school improvement plans.

These are just a few of the high level outcomes that result in real impacts for the 47,000 kids in PPS. You work hard to raise these funds, and we are proud to be the fiscal agent and steward of this work. More and more, districts from around the country are looking to Portland as a model of engagement and equity investments that uphold the values of a public education system.

Finally, I want to let you know, especially those of you who will continue in a leadership role with a foundation, that we are here this summer to support you. Summer can be a great time to rise out of the day to day chaos and to think strategically about how we can better serve the needs of your foundation and the support it provides to your school. If you want to share any ideas or suggestions contact either me or Samantha Lopez, manager of the PPS Foundation, at 503-234-5404 or Samantha@allhandsraised.org.

We look forward to our continued conversations and to your success in the coming school year.


Dan Ryan