In Support of Teachers Everywhere

Posted on May 7, 2020 in CEO Updates

May 7, 2020

Dear Teachers Everywhere,

Teacher Appreciation Week looks a little different this year. You haven’t seen your students for seven weeks. And, for many students who may move in the coming months, or graduate, or age up to the next building, you may not see them again. The uncertainty of life right now, of what teaching looks like, is enormous as we all navigate this new chapter.

But, just because you aren’t seeing your students in person, doesn’t mean you’re not teaching. In fact, many of you are doing more work than ever. I’ve heard stories from many of you. You’re spending the extra time to figure out new technology, to call your students individually to check in, to figure out how to create a whole new system for connecting with students overnight. I see it at work, in my role at All Hands Raised; at home, as a parent of a middle schooler in PPS; and as a former teacher, administrator, and principal. You, our teachers, are tireless frontline workers during COVID-19, a truly exhausting time. You show up every day, and for that I say thank you. And a special shoutout to my teachers at George Middle School, where I was privileged to witness firsthand the daily impact you have on students and families – I see you all.

I appreciate you. We at All Hands Raised appreciate you. Your community appreciates you. Thank you for all you do for all of our students.


Lavert Robertson