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Transforming children into educated, independent grown-ups is the job of the entire community.

Who, exactly, is the community? All of us. You are. We are.

The All Hands Raised Partnership represents a tapestry of community engagement at all levels and by all sectors. Bound together by a shared sense of urgency and accountability, we are making progress for our kids. We are deeply grateful to all of our partners for their willingness to think bold, take risks and collaborate in new ways and with new partners – to create lasting change for our kids.

Getting out into the community and getting engaged in our work is the easiest way to get a better idea of both the need that exists and the practices that are being tested and spread.

Community Events

Principal for Almost a Day 21

Principal for Almost a Day

Party with a Purpose '22

Party with a Purpose ’22 – Our Annual Gala

“Our community is rich in organizations doing incredible direct service work with children and families, yet without organizations like All Hands Raised—which is focused on how systems connect, integrate and change—we will not get to alignment and efficiencies, and ultimately to the results needed for long-term systems change.”

– Martha Richards, Executive Director, James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation


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