Our Approach

Community-wide Indicators

In 2010, community leaders entrusted All Hands Raised with the responsibility to build a better system of collaboration for Multnomah County’s children and youth from cradle to career. One of the early pieces of work was establishing a set of Community-wide Indicators to keep us focused on the big picture and accountable to each other. Seen above, these Community-wide Indicators serve as a data dashboard of the earliest indicators of system change.

Currently, All Hands Raised is on the ground, building relationships and using data to improve outcomes in six focus areas: Kindergarten Transition, K-12 Attendance, Racial Educational Equity, Ninth Grade Transition, Post-Secondary Access, and Pathways to Construction & Manufacturing Careers. The flags represent the work on the ground and correlate with the Indicators that the work is impacting.

Click here for a deeper look at the data behind each indicator, including disaggregation by school district, race, ethnicity and other demographic factors.