What We Do

All Hands Raised delivers over $1.5 million of in-kind support to our six school districts and community partners to help teams identify tangible practices that create measurable improvements. The alignment we build daily is making a positive impact on children, youth and young adults. We:

  • Build a Shared Community Vision of Long-Term Impact: We support and align leaders and practitioners with a relentless focus on putting innovation into action.
  • Put the Right Data into the Hands of the Right People at the Right Time: We break data logjams and build capability among our schools and partners to use data to improve.
  • Align Resources to the Practices that Get Results: We listen to educators and service providers to give system leaders and investors insights that allow them to align resources to support what works.
  • Put Equitable Outcomes at the Center: We work with culturally specific partners to develop relevant solutions and use data to highlight gaps and accelerate progress to eliminate disparities.

Successful outcomes are more effective when they are driven from the experiences of those working directly with kids and families. We are working to create a new structure in which practices at the student level shape policy and investments.