What We Do

All Hands Raised aligns the community’s efforts to make positive change for children, youth and young adults. Over the past five years we have accomplished much together–we are modifying behaviors and looking at our practices and how they improve results for our kids.

Most communities, including our own, have an array of programs that serve a variety of youth at different points in their lives. Rarely are these programs aligned around a similar set of data, and a shared commitment to work together to define the goals, actions, and outcomes, with an agreement to share accountability for those outcomes. As a member of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, the Partnership is focused on moving our community to collective impact, where collaborative action is rooted in shared accountability, and all partners have aligned goals, budgets, work plans and measurements.

We work to help our community improve the academic and social well-being of Multnomah County children and youth, with an acute focus on equity. In order to track the big picture, we use the 12 Community-wide Indicators (pictured above, or view larger here) that span kids’ development from birth to career. Each flag corresponds to a focused body of work supported by All Hands Raised.

This work serves a model for the state and region, and is one of Oregon’s 13 Regional Achievement Collaboratives.